Industrial Plumbing Pipe Large Round Coffee Table

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Product Description

Industrial Plumbing Pipe Large Round Coffee Table is hand constructed from special half inch plumbing pipe components. This Industrial Plumbing Pipe Large Round Coffee Table is a finished round Vic Ash table top that has been stained teak with a linseed oil finish. This table is available with or without the top and will also come in either galvanised pipe or flat black painted.

This is a heavy duty table that can take a great deal of weight given it’s construction from 25mm diameter water pipe. A DIY Industrial plumbing pipe kit is also an option and will provide an easy, fun and enjoyable experience into putting together your coffee table. Having it shipped completely built is available also. Our round coffee table tops are sourced locally in Melbourne’s west from Project Johnson. It is made from lineal Vic Ash wood that has been handcrafted to perfection, which consists of high quality Polyurethane glue and Festool domino joins, to ensure the highest of structural integrity.


Industrial Plumbing Pipe Large Round Coffee Table can be shipped worldwide with or with out the table top option. As a flat pack kit shipping cost for overseas customers will be greatly reduced. The flat pack consists of a table semi assembled with the main components sent as separate parts ready to screw together. The DIY kit consists of all pipe components required sent separately cleaned and accurate.

Pipe Furniture is committed to creating innovative industrial furniture. Products that catch the eye of customers and the public. We try and use as many locally sourced products as we can to ensure we establish long lasting relationships with our partners. By using galvanised plumbing pipe for our products, the methods we incorporate into designing, assembling and producing allows us to create unique and desirable furniture for a diverse range of customers. Implementing Pipe Furniture’s range into your home, bar, cafe or restaurant creates the perfect modern industrial or steampunk theme.

Before you see our end products, they begin much differently. Each piece of furniture we create starts with individual components that are then prep washed by hand using scotch brite. When all the pieces are gathered, the building process starts, using big vices and forged wrenched to ensure that the pipe’s tapered thread wont come undone when it’s finished. This demonstrates our attention to detail when creating our products, guaranteeing the highest quality finishes.

Our finish is perfect for a tough working environment with a remaining touch of elegance.

Height: 610mm
Width(With table top): 680mm

The wood being used on this table top is locally sourced Vic Ash with a teak stain and finish.