Large Pipe Fitting Coat Hook

AUD $48.00AUD $72.00

Flange mount style *

Add here a decorative type cast flange

Leave flat cast flange (pictured) Make with decorative flange +AUD $13.00

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Product Description

Large pipe fitting coat hook is an industrial-inspired coat hook made from plumbing pipe. *Each hook sold separately*

Vintage style plumbing components are finished in a range of colour options from galvanised, raw black steel, to a flat black painted finish.

Hardware supplied

This product is supplied fully assembled
Galvanised finishes are cleaned of oil and scrubbed to a reasonable degree. This makes sure no oil remains internally that could weep after assembly.
Raw black steel finishes are cleaned of mineral oils and dirt and prepared with a light coating of Linseed oil. You should re-apply this as needed to prevent rusting.
Painted finishes are cleaned, sprayed with primer, and then final colour. They are left to dry for at least 24 hours and inspected prior to shipping.

Vintage style plumbing components are the perfect fittings to go with your industrial themed bar, cafe, restaurant or home.