Plumbing Pipe heavy duty table legs DIY Kit

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Product Description

Plumbing Pipe heavy duty table legs DIY Kit is a one or two person work desk kit to take a table top up to 2100mm x 900mm. Plumbing Pipe heavy duty table legs DIY Kit consists of all base components required to assemble a sturdy table base. This table leg kit comprises extra weight carrying capacity with two bracing components and two center uprights. This table kit uses our construction fittings with Allen key screws, along with our standard plumbing pipe fittings.

By making use of Allen key fittings this table kit is very easy to assemble. Threaded fittings allow us to ship with single pipe lengths for the brace components. Adjustments made to the position of the long braces will alter the position for support.

The pipe components can be left as galvanised or they can be painted flat black.

Custom table dimensions

When ordering, enter the dimensions of your table top to make a custom table kit.  We will calculate actual pipe lengths to allow for a table top overhang of 100mm.

Hardware supplied

The pipe components are supplied for this DIY kit as part assembled and labelled.

All Galvanised fittings and pipe are cleaned of oil and scrubbed to a reasonable degree. This makes sure no oil remains internally that can weep after assembly.

All Raw steel fittings and pipe are cleaned of mineral oils and prepared with a light coating of Linseed oil. You should re-apply as needed to prevent rusting.

Painted pipework and fittings are cleaned to remove mineral oil and spray coated with primer and then final color. These are left to dry for 24 hours  and inspected prior to shipping


Table top suggested size
Length 1850mm
Width 700mm

Table base dimensions (pictured)
Length 1700mm
Width 600mm
Height 780mm


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