Master the Art: Design your DIY Plumbing Pipe Furniture

Design your DIY plumbing pipe furniture

Are you ready to dive into the world of DIY plumbing pipe furniture and transform your home with your own design creations? Get ready to unleash your creativity and add unique pieces to your space. Designing your own furniture using plumbing pipes offers endless possibilities and allows you to infuse your personal style into every…

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Brass compression fitting dress rack build

This video is about our new solid cast brass compression/construction components that may be something we expand as a range for brass pipe construction. These fittings are currently only available as a part of our solid brass portable dress rack.

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How to assemble floor mount pipe shelf unit

Floor mounted pipe shelf unit assembly

Edison Light Globes team explain the method for assembly and installation of the standard 1/2″ inch plumbing pipe built floor mounted shelf unit. If you need further advice please contact us.

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Pipe Furniture acquired by Edison Light Globes

Pipe Furniture is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Edison Light Globes Pty Ltd. Based in the same location and sharing many common basic elements made the acquisition a logical option. Now with a full compliment of expert design capacity and an attention to detail, we can provide a more thorough range of DIY kit…

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Black steel plumbing pipe fittings

Black steel plumbing pipe components

Black steel plumbing pipe fittings are now stocked in Melbourne Australia. We have recently secured a range of black steel plumbing pipe and fittings in 1/2″ , 3/4″ and 1″ BSPT threads to use in the construction of furniture and shelving. Previously only available as special order from the USA or China, we now have…

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Industrial Brass Pipe Clothing Rack – Eternal Bridal

Industrial Brass Pipe Clothing Rack – Eternal Bridal When it comes to designing and manufacturing custom products, it’s a fluent, interesting and exciting process. Sebastian at Eternal Bridal came to us with not only a custom product that started from a pen and paper, but furthermore proposed the idea of introducing a material that we…

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Industrial Overhead Bar Shelf – Sloth Bar Footscray

Industrial Overhead Bar Shelf – Sloth Bar Footscray We were engaged by the lovely people at the Sloth Bar, situated in the heart of Footscray to design an industrial overhead bar shelf that would be the main artistic feature of the bar. We wanted create a product that was unique, something that would catch the…

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Plumbing Pipe Cafe Shelf – St. Martha’s

Cafe shelf and rail

We were asked to supply a plumbing pipe cafe shelf at St. Martha’s in Essendon and install on a rough brick surface. Green wall plugs were used with standard long steel screws, which were tightened into the plugs to secure the pipe shelf via galvanised flanges. Plumbing pipe fittings are quite robust and able to support…

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