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Measuring and specifying

Ordering the right length of pipe for your project doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Try to allow an extra 50% of the thread length for couplers and other fittings, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

When ordering pipe lengths, you can allow aproximate extra length to protrude into couplers and other fittings. This is not an exact process however but a rule of thumb is around 50% of the thread length.

There are flanges that take more thread length and some parts will accept a tighter fixing to allow threads to close up.

Theae are all male tapered and female non tapered so the fitting will get tighter the more you rotate into the fitting.

The only way to make items with absolute accuracy is to test fit each component.

We will attempt here to provide thread lengths for each diameter of plumbing pipe we offer.

Half inch threads: 16mm
Three Quater inch threads: 18mm
One inch threads: 20mm


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Pipe Furniture is a web-based manufacturer/retailer. We do offer a trade discount to reseller customers.  The following industries qualify.

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Retailers
  • Shop fitters

To apply for a trade discount you must register an online account with us and place all orders via our on-line store.

You can set up an account by registering on the My Account Page.  Edit your billing and shipping details including your Business Name, Business Number and then email us at [email protected] with  your Username or email address.  Once approved your login will then be converted to a trade account login for this username.

When you log into the website your discount will automatically be applied to the product prices. All orders should then be placed through the website with this login. You can also create your own quote online by adding your products to the shopping cart and then saving the order as a Proforma Invoice or Bank Transfer as payment option.

Please note any quotes provided by us over the phone or via email will not have the trade price applied.

The website ordering system can include your PO number and can supply a Pro Forma Invoice only as a quote if required.

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If you need to adjust or edit your online account details you need to be logged in and under the My Account menu item there is an item “Edit Account”. This will open a page where you can edit email address and account password.

This page can be used to edit Address details but it will not change address details for an invoice already created.

There is also a link to your previous support tickets created when using our support email address or created using the ticket system.

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All products come with a minimum 12 month warranty. If the product is delivered damaged or fails to work as advertised we will issue a refund or a replacement.

Please check your order carefully noting technical specifications. If we place the order on your behalf you should carefully check the Invoice/quote before payment so we can rectify any discrepancies prior to shipping.

Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it. 

Incorrect items

If we have shipped the wrong item or you wish to return for a refund or replacement please email us listing the invoice number and item number


For orders that arrive damaged we will repair or replace the product at our discretion. If items are damaged in transit we need to be notified within 7 days. Product delivered and subsequently stored for later opening will not be considered as damaged in transit.

Care and cleaning

Galvanised piping is a popular choice for many furniture makers due to its industrial look and its durability when treated correctly. Ensure your furniture piece lasts with a detergent wash or a water based parts cleaner to remove oil and grease, and use a scourer to remove any dullness.

Category: Care and cleaning

Galvanized plumbing pipes are steel pipes that have been dipped in a protective zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust. These types of piping were commonly installed in homes built before the 1960s. The galvanized pipe was invented as an alternative to lead pipe for water supply lines.

When making furniture from galvanised pipe we make sure that all oil and grease is removed not only from the outside but also from inside the pipe. This will stop oil from coming out over time ruining your peice.

Use a detergent wash or a solvent based solution like “Prep Wash” or equivalent.

We use an Auto parts wash machine with water based auto parts wash solution. An aqueous or water based parts washer is the safe and effective alternative to using harmful solvent parts cleaning. Solvent parts washers clean parts with petroleum based contaminants that are toxic, flammable and polluting.

Due to the industrial nature of galvanised pipe it is also scuffed and scratched during manufacture and transport. This can be cleaned to some degree using a steel wool or scouring pad. This removes a thin layer of zinc coating leaving the pipe clean and bright.

A galvanised finish can be left as is without treatment to last many years inside our outdoors. An occasional clean with a scourer will remove any dullness.

Make your raw steel look great and last longer with these simple treatment and coating options. Enjoy a corrosion-resistant finish that’s easy to apply and offers long-lasting protection.

Category: Care and cleaning

There are a range of products that can be applied to Raw steel to give a long lasting surface appearance without corrosion.

We use Linseed oil mixed with Mineral Turpentine about 30% oil to 70% turps.

You could also paint with “Penatrol” and allow to dry. This is a clear coat available as a spray or brush application type liquid. This can get a little sticky if applied too thick especially when brushed on. You can dilute this with turps as a brushed on product however to avoid this problem.

You may also apply a metal lacquer like Wattyl “Incralac”. This is designed as a clear tarnish resistant finish on copper and copper alloys in both interior and exterior application but it will do a reasonable job sealing raw steel.
All surfaces should be free of oil, grease and salt contamination before blasting. Abrasive blast clean to achieve a surface appearance that approximates the appropriate standard of “near white” blast. All surfaces to be painted must be clean and dry and uncontaminated.

Of coarse you can leave raw steel to slowly tarnish and rust if you prefer.

Give your plumbing a classic and elegant finish with brass plumbing pipe! This pure, solid brass piping is easy to install and is available in a variety of finishes, from sand-cast to polished. Enjoy a quick and lasting clean with a gentle solvent or detergent, or add a classic, polished look with a polishing wheel.

Category: Care and cleaning

Brass plumbing pipe is pure solid brass with no coating applied during manufacture. Fittings like Elbows and Tees have a sand cast finish but hard drawn brass pipe has a polished finish.

Cast fitting can be polished using a polishing wheel to give a finish much like brass pipe lengths.

Brass pipe can have machine marks that may also be polished using a polishing wheel.

Uncoated bare brass has become increasingly popular as the finish of choice for kitchen and bathroom fittings. As a living finish, the initial highly polished appearance will mature over time to develop the unique character of aged brass. The aged patina of high-quality brass complements natural elements such as timber, granite, marble, limestone and copper.

We recommend this uncoated brass finish for al fresco kitchen and bathroom areas, particularly in coastal areas where the brass will rapidly patina without loss of functionality, becoming a striking feature.

Some minor imperfections in the surface of the material are not defects, but a feature of a handmade product.


It is important your builder or handyman uses clean hands or gloves when installing your brass plumbing pipe product. Ask them to cover the fittings if they are installed before the room is finished to avoid scratches and splatters from paint and commercial cleaning products.

Care and Maintenance

With regular use, expect that spotting will develop on the surface of uncoated brass from everyday chemicals splashing on to the fitting. Food acids such as lemon juice in the kitchen and bathroom products such as toothpaste and shaving foam are common causes. These marks contribute towards the final patina of the fitting.

Brass fittings can be cleaned routinely with mild soap and water which will not alter the patina development.

Over time, Polished Brass will develop a patina and the surface lose its brightness. If desired, the shine can be restored with occasional use of a very mild abrasive cleaner like Brasso.

Clear Coating

Brass can also be cleaned and polished for later clear coating using a laquer or clear powder coat.