Half inch Black steel 15mm Plug Fitting M

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Product Description

Half inch Black steel 15mm Plug Fitting M is an industrial style plumbing component finished as black steel to make items with a rubbed iron appearance. This is the perfect industrial fitting to go with your industrial themed bar, cafe, restaurant or home. Use this fitting to create your plumbing pipe construction tables, chairs, shelving, door handles, or any other project. The raw cast iron surface texture of the plug fitting shows in perfect detail since there is no zinc or gal coating. Use this fitting to create your plumbing pipe construction tables, chairs, shelving, door handles, curtain rods or any other project.

This plug can be used where a design uses all half inch tees or half inch crosses and you need to plug the end with something that looks intentional.

These Half inch Black steel 15mm Plug Fittings are designed to fit plumbing pipe with a 21mm outside diameter and have a male 1/2″ BSPT thread.

Use this fitting with our custom length Half inch black steel plumbing pipe. We also stock Half inch plumbing pipe in set lengths.

Black Steel finish

The black steel finish is created in a process in manufacturing of this pipe fitting after casting. Its name comes from the scaly, dark-colored iron oxide coating on its surface. It’s used in applications that don’t require galvanized steel. This pipe is not used for drinking water but black steel pipe’s strength makes it ideal for transporting water and gas in rural and urban areas and for conduits that protect electrical wiring and for delivering high pressure steam and air. The oil and petroleum industries use black steel pipe for moving large quantities of oil through remote areas. It has an oiled finish that protects it from corrosion for some time when used in furniture. A new coating of Linseed oil should be applied to items of furniture once manufactured to create a rubbed iron appearance.

Finishing off

When making furniture from black steel pipe and fittings it should be noted that despite the light oil coating you may need to clean and seal with finish that suits the purpose. For indoor use we recommend Linseed Oil since it will keep the black cast iron luster alive and help prevent rusting.



Length 40mm
Width 15mm
Height 25mm
Outside Diameter 28mm
Thread (1/2 inch BSTP)
Material Black steel cast