22mm (Half inch) Gal Socket Coupler Fitting F&F

AUD $4.00

Clean off fitting *

Choose here to have your component cleaned of oil residue and Scotchbright scrubbed ready for immediate use as furniture component and painting if required.

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Bulk discount (22mm fittings) 25 - 49 AUD $3.60
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Product Description

22mm (Half inch) Gal Socket Coupler Fitting F&F is an industrial style plumbing component finished in galvanised steel. This is the perfect industrial fitting to go with your industrial themed bar, cafe, restaurant or home. Use this socket coupler fitting to create your plumbing pipe construction tables, chairs, shelving, door handles, or any other project. This Half inch Gal 15mm Socket Coupler Fitting has a female to female 1/2″ BSPT thread.

Use this coupler to extend straight plumbing pipe lengths where a pipe run makes it hard to ship.

These pipe fittings are designed to fit plumbing pipe with a 22mm outside diameter and have a 1/2″ BSPT thread.

Use this fitting with our custom length Half inch Galvanised plumbing pipe. We also stock Half inch Galvanised plumbing pipe in set lengths.

Pipe Furniture is committed to creating innovative industrial furniture. Products that catch the eye of customers and the public. By using galvanised plumbing pipe for our products, the methods we incorporate into designing, assembling and producing allows us to create unique and desirable furniture for a diverse range of customers. Implementing Pipe Furniture’s range into your home, bar, cafe or restaurant creates the perfect modern industrial or steampunk theme.

Each piece of hardware starts with individual components that can be prep washed by hand using scotch brite. When all the pieces are gathered, the building process starts, using big vices and forged wrenched to ensure that the pipe’s tapered thread wont come undone when it’s finished.



Length 40mm
Width 15mm
Height 25mm
Outside Diameter 28mm
Thread (1/2 inch BSTP)
Material Galvanised cast