Half Inch Solid Brass 15mm end cap F


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Product Description

Half Inch Solid Brass 15mm end cap F is an industrial style plumbing component finished as cast and machined solid brass.

This is the perfect industrial fitting to go with your industrial themed bar, cafe, restaurant or home. Use this fitting to create your plumbing pipe construction tables, chairs, shelving, door handles, or any other project. The raw cast brass surface texture shows in perfect detail since there is no zinc or gal coating. Combine with our solid brass plumbing pipe set lengths for simple construction components.

Solid Brass finish

The cast brass finish is created in a process in casting of this pipe fitting. It could be that you might wish to polish this fitting but we recommend leaving it as made.


Length 45mm
Width 27mm
Height 30mm
Outside Diameter 20mm
Thread (1/2 inch BSTP)
Material, Solid brass cast