Half inch Solid Brass 15mm Flange plate


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Product Description

Half inch Solid Brass 15mm Flange plate is an industrial style plumbing component finished as cast and machined solid brass. this is a custom made part designed by Pipe Furniture for wall, floor or ceiling mounting of solid brass pipe components. It is 100mm diameter with four countersunk screw holes and come complete with four brass wood screws.

This is the perfect industrial fitting to go with your industrial themed bar, cafe, restaurant or home. Use this fitting to create your brass plumbing pipe construction tables, chairs, shelving, door handles, or any other project. The raw cast brass surface texture shows in perfect detail since there is no zinc or gal coating.

Solid Brass finish

The cast brass finish is created in a process in casting of this pipe fitting. Some areas on the flange are finished to a high polish and so will require some polishing over time to retain this finish.

These are designed for use in plumbing pipe furniture projects only. They are not intended for use in plumbing for water or gas.


Diameter 100mm
Height 10mm
Thread (1/2 inch BSTP)
Material, Solid brass cast