Industrial Plumbing Pipe Toilet Roll Holder

AUD $30.00

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Product Description

Industrial Plumbing Pipe Toilet Roll Holder is made from galvanised plumbing pipe. Using vintage style plumbing components finished in a range of colour options from galvanised, painted brass, or flat black. This is the perfect toilet roll holder to go with your industrial themed bar, cafe, restaurant or home.
Screws are provided to suit timber, plaster and brick.
If need be, a custom length can be requested as an additional quote.
Please note the brass option is a painted finish. For solid brass see our Solid Brass Toilet Roll Holder.

Hardware supplied

Galvanised finishes are cleaned of oil and scrubbed to a reasonable degree. This makes sure no oil remains internally that could weep after assembly.
Painted finishes are cleaned, sprayed with primer, and then final colour. They are left to dry for at least 24 hours and inspected prior to shipping.

Pipe Furniture is committed to creating innovative industrial furniture. Products that catch the eye of customers and the public. By using galvanised plumbing pipe for our products, the methods we incorporate into designing, assembling and producing allows us to create unique and desirable furniture for a diverse range of customers. Implementing Pipe Furniture’s range into your home, bar, cafe or restaurant creates the perfect modern industrial or steampunk theme.