Black steel plumbing pipe curtain rod kit

AUD $110.00

Span length (mm) (+AUD $0.07) *

Specify in mm the dimension required for the pipe span. This measurement does not include the tee and finishing end. This would normally be slightly wider than the window opening by around 100mm

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Product Description

Black steel plumbing pipe curtain rod kit is a DIY kit designed to cover a window up to 1.5 metres wide for a single pipe, and 2 metres wide for two pipes with a coupler in the centre. The kit is limited to 1.5-meter maximum length components so as to allow delivery to any destination. For lengths below 1.5 meters, the curtain rod will be supplied as a single length of pipe. This can allow for curtains to be pulled to one side. For curtain rods wider than 1.5 metres, two pipe lengths and a coupler join fitted in the centre will be supplied. This will allow two drops that open on either side from the centre.

For heavier curtains, you may prefer a curtain rod with an extra support in the centre. This will only be useful if the curtains draw from the centre.

Hardware supplied

Matching coloured screws are provided.


Raw black steel finishes are cleaned of mineral oils and dirt and prepared with a light coating of Linseed oil. You should re-apply this as needed to prevent rusting.
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Additional Information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 90 × 25 × 25 cm

Wall flange diameter: 100mm
Projection: 85mm
Length: Varies up to 2000mm
Thread: (1/2 inch BSTP)
Material: Cast iron