Industrial Plumbing Pipe Clothing Rail

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Product Description

Industrial Plumbing Pipe Clothing Rail is made from galvanised plumbing pipe. Using vintage style plumbing components finished in a range of colour options from standard galvanised pipe, or a flat black finish. This is the perfect industrial clothes fitting to go with your industrial themed shop, cafe, restaurant or home. This clothing rail has a custom length to best match your needs, turning your everyday space into an inviting and lavish room. This fitting, accomplished by hand made production, is suitable for every building and any setting.

This piece can turn your everyday wall or bar space into a main feature of the room. If need be, a custom length can be given to us as an additional quote. Screws are provided for timber, plaster and brick. The surface it is being attached to and the screws that are being used, will determine the weight load of the piece itself.

This piece is suitable for every building and any setting. Whatever it’s function in your space, this will catch the attention of every passer by and create a modern and classy environment.


This item will come as a part assembled item for shipping. We will assemble the wall bracket but leave the crossbars for installation once in place.

All parts will be cleaned of machine oil.

  • Black steel will be coated with a layer of Linseed oil and allowed to dry.
  • Galvanised parts are cleaned and scrubbed prior to assembly.
  • Painted surface is a hard wearing flat black coating that is designed for automotive under body application.