250mm Industrial Plumbing Pipe Plant Stand

AUD $238.00

Leg length in mm (+AUD $0.20) *

Add here the leg length required. This is the dimension of each leg below the cross brace. (max 700mm)

Pipe color and style *

Choose here which pipe color you prefer to order. Also choose from plain or decorative flanges.

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Product Description

250mm Industrial Plumbing Pipe Plant Stand is an industrial looking garden frame made from galvanised plumbing pipe. Vintage style plumbing components finished in a range of colour options from standard galvanised plumbing pipe, or a flat black finish. If you intend to use this outdoors then a galvanised plumbing pipe solution will last a life time without structural corrosion.

This Industrial Plumbing Pipe Plant Stand provides an elevated plant stand that can hold a weight to accommodate 250mm diameter plant pots. When arranging a tall or heavy plant you should select a lower height leg length. For smaller lighter planting you can select a longer leg length. It is difficult to provide actual quantification for this but you should ask us if in doubt.

The best way these can be used in you home or commercial space is to have alternating sizes next to one another in a group so as to show a layering of heights.

This fitting is made to order and so it is available in different dimensions from mostly standard pipe and components. The top cross braced component is supplied fulled assembled and tightened with a vice to ensure the structural rigidity and alignment is correct and appropriate for use. The legs will come as separate components that just need screwing in  to make level.

Pot planter diameter

This plant stand will accommodate a planter with a diameter no larger than 250mm.

Leg length

Select below the precise leg length required.  These legs can be made with either simple cap ends at the base or we can supply simple flanges for the legs to proved a little more stability. The recommended leg maximum length for this diameter plant stand is 700mm to the bottom of the cross brace. Taller plant stand design will require a larger diameter to provide stability.

The plant pot is set on the cross brace pipe section that has vertical extensions to stop pots from sliding off the stand. These are an extension of 140mm from the cross brace.

This stand is suitable for outdoor use without the need for drainage base providing open drainage from the base of the pot. When required for indoor use you will need a drainage capture base under the pot.

Color and pipe type

For most outdoor situations the galvanised pipe will protect from corrosion and damage. Black painted pipe over galvanised surface will add further protection from surface discoloration and can help hide the components in a garden setting. Black raw steel is not as stable but can be used indoors with an occasional coating of Linseed oil to keep its natural surface color. we supply with the first coat of linseed that should last 12 months or more.



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