Long Plumbing Pipe Desk Base DIY Kit

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Product Description

Long Plumbing Pipe Desk Base DIY Kit is a four to six person table leg kit to take a table top top up to 2400mm x 800mm. The Long Plumbing Pipe Desk Base DIY Kit consists of all base components required to assemble a sturdy table base. This table leg kit comprises extra weight carrying capacity with two bracing components and two center uprights. This table kit uses our construction fittings with Allen key screws, along with our standard plumbing pipe fittings.

By making use of Allen key fittings this table kit is very easy to assemble.

The cross bar is easily adjustable. This means it can go in the centre to make it nice and neat looking, or you can slide the bar across to the back of the table if being used as an office or study desk so you don’t hit your shins on the bar when sitting down for long periods of time.

If you are after something that will take an extreme amount of weight, maybe consider our Plumbing Pipe heavy duty table legs DIY Kit.

Threaded fittings allow us to ship shorter pipe lengths for the brace components.

The pipe components can be left as galvanised or they can be painted flat black.

Pipe Furniture is committed to creating innovative industrial furniture. Products that catch the eye of customers and the public. By using galvanised plumbing pipe for our products, the methods we incorporate into designing, assembling and producing allows us to create unique and desirable furniture for a diverse range of customers. Implementing Pipe Furniture’s range into your home, bar, cafe or restaurant creates the perfect modern industrial or steampunk theme.

Each piece of hardware we supply for this kit is cleaned of oils and scuffs by hand using Scotch Brite pad and Prep Wash mineral spirit.

Table top suggested size
Length 1850mm
Width 700mm

Table base dimensions (pictured)
Length 1700mm
Width 600mm
Height 780mm