Industrial Solid Brass plumbing pipe three level wall shelf

AUD $745.00AUD $1,115.00


Custom shelf depth in mm (+AUD $0.24)

Standard total depth is 200mm for a shelf timber dimension of 200mm. Choose here a dimension required for your timber shelf depth. Leave empty for standard dimension of 200mm (pictured).

Custom distance between shelves in mm (+AUD $0.17)

Standard distance between shelf is 315mm. Choose here to make kit with custom dimension in mm. Leave empty for standard dimension (pictured).

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Product Description

Industrial Solid Brass plumbing pipe three level wall shelf is an industrial looking shelf made from half inch cast brass plumbing fittings and brass plumbing pipe. The outside diameter of this pipe is 20mm. This is heavy gauge brass and so will not bend under this type of load. This large and diverse wall shelf is made from brass fittings and brass plumbing pipe. Designed to withstand a reasonable weight. The shelf is designed for many uses, from putting up all your favorite alcoholic spirits, to integrating plant features. This shelf will turn your everyday storage space into a main feature of the room.

To have supplied with the decorative gauges, order separately from the product link below. Where the gauges are not ordered we supply plumbing pipe plug to cover the holes.

Also pictured with solid brass picture light from Edison Light Globes.

Components included

As a DIY kit this product includes this number of parts per upright.

The Shelf

Timber and glass component is not included in this product. We can supply if required to suit the exact length required for your project. Shelving timber and glass are listed product below. If you are supplying your own shelving the dimension will need to be your specific length X a width of 200mm.

The distance between each level of the shelf is 315mm and the distance from the wall is 235mm. Metal clamp brackets are supplied with our timber shelf components. These screw to the underside of the timber shelf to stop sideways motion. For glass shelf use you can use rubber mount stick on components (not supplied). In this instance the shelves are not attached but sit on rubber supports that stop the shelf from slipping.

This unit is supplied without shelving material since the overall length can vary to suit your requirement. To make wider you will attach the upright brackets to the wall further apart. There is a limit to width that relates to the shelf material and so if required to be 1200mm wide we advise adding a third upright component when ordering.


This kit is supplied with the fittings and shelf pipe connected but the uprights will be required to be attached when installing. There is a requirement for these to be tight threaded but the shelf components are more important to be fixed tight.

We can supply glass shelf components and timber shelf as a separate item

Before you see our end products, they begin much differently. Brass components are left in an original bare surface untreated. When all the pieces are gathered, the building process starts, using large¬†vices and forged wrenches to ensure that the pipe’s tapered thread wont come undone when it’s finished. Where required we loctite glue some threads of these fittings. Our attention to detail when creating our products, guarantees the highest quality finish.

Brass will not corrode but it will tarnish. To retain a bright surface an occasional polish may be required using a suitable metal polish.


Dimensions: (give 20mm each way due to nature of material)
Total height including gauges: 700mm
Total depth: 235mm
Shelf depth: 170mm

Optional components for this product…