Plumbing pipe five level floor shelf kit

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Plumbing pipe color * 

Choose here which pipe color you prefer to order. Also choose from plain or decorative flanges.

(A) Bottom shelf height

Make the bottom shelf higher or lower off the floor

(B) Custom distance between shelves in mm (+AUD $0.22)

The standard distance between shelves is 285mm. Choose here to make a kit with custom dimensions in mm. Leave empty for standard dimension (pictured).

(C) Custom top support length (+AUD $0.06)

By default this is 190mm. You can select a custom height here to make your shelf fit a specific space.

(D) Custom shelf depth in mm (+AUD $0.15)

Standard shelf depth is 235mm with a 20mm gap at the wall, making it 255mm overall. Choose here a dimension required for your overall shelf depth. Leave empty for standard dimension (pictured).

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Product Description

Industrial plumbing pipe five level floor shelf kit is an industrial looking shelf made from plumbing pipe. This large and diverse floor shelf is made from vintage style plumbing components are finished in standard galvanised or black steel finish plumbing pipe. Designed to withstand a reasonable weight, this shelf is designed for many uses, from storing boxes and books, to plant feature stacking. This shelf will turn your everyday storage space into a main feature of the room.

The shelf is attached to the wall and floor by means of decorative steel, or plain galvanised flanges. The floor connection takes the weight and the wall connection holds it in place. The shelves are located via 22mm holes and are to be installed whilst constructing the pipe.
A diagram and instructions are supplied with this kit.

Each shelf kit will require at least two upright brackets. Most shelf units will be comprised of 3 uprights but here you have a choice of two or three uprights as a calculated product. If you require 4 then order two “two uprights”. If you need 5 then order one “two uprights” and one “three uprights” on the order. You can also specify the length of the bottom pipe to get the bottom shelf away from the floor a little more.

The example pictured is a 3 upright, black steel floor shelf, with hardwood shelves 1800mm long x 235mm deep. Holes 22mm diameter are drilled 31mm from the front edge of the shelf. The height is 1810mm to the centre of the top flange. The shelves are 285mm apart with the bottom shelf 480mm from the floor. It uses a hardware-store supplied standard shelf depth of 235mm and “floats” at a distance of 20mm from the wall. This gap helps alleviate such problems as a wall that is not perfectly straight or plumb. To create a shelf unit that touches the wall you will need a shelf cut to 250mm depth.

Components included

A standard DIY kit this product includes this number of parts per upright. The default shelf is made from pre-manufactured standard pipe lengths.

The Shelf

Timber components are not included in this product. The dimensions for our default product design should be a width of 235mm x 19mm thick, which is a standard hardware shelf size. This allows the shelf supports and shelf to remain 20mm from the wall. The hole required for the pipe to travel through is 22mm diameter and is 31mm from the front edge. This can be hardwood, pine, or plywood. We recommend a maximum distance between uprights of 1000mm but shelf material and requirements can allow for greater support widths.

Floor Shelf Kit shelf drilling plan
Floor Shelf Kit shelf drilling plan

Custom shelf dimensions

The standard distance between each shelf top is 285mm. (B) This can be customised when ordering with a dimension that will alter the whole unit height.

The standard distance from the wall using a 235mm timber shelf is 255mm. (D) This leaves a 20mm gap behind the shelf. If you wish to order as a close to the wall fit then make your timber shelves 255mm wide.
A custom shelf width can be included when placing the order to make as required.

You can also choose to alter the spacing between shelves using the custom section.  Be aware that this will alter the whole unit height.

In addition to shelf height, you can alter the top (C) and bottom support pipe lengths. (A)

To make it simple all these dimensions added together will make up a total height.  A+C+(4 X B)
We will cut and thread to accommodate the threaded overlaps.

This fitting is built by hand one shelf at a time insitu. Flange screws are provided for timber, plaster or brick. This design can take quite a load but specific capacity is determined by the shelving material and the distance between uprights. For greater load bearing place uprights closer together.

Plumbing pipe five level floor shelf kit dimensions
Plumbing pipe five level floor shelf kit dimensions

Hardware supplied

The pipe components are supplied for this DIY kit as partly assembled and labelled.

All Galvanised fittings and pipe are cleaned of oil and scrubbed to a reasonable degree. This makes sure no oil remains internally that can weep after assembly.

All Raw steel fittings and pipe are cleaned of mineral oils and prepared with a light coating of Linseed oil. You should re-apply as needed to prevent rusting.

Painted pipework and fittings are cleaned to remove mineral oil and spray coated with primer and then final color. These are left to dry for 24 hours  and inspected prior to shipping.

Total height: 1900mm (470mm bottom shelf)
Total depth: 255mm
Timber Shelf depth: 235mm
Width 3 upright (picture): 1920mm


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